* Peyton Von Tharanheim


*Peyton Von Tharanheim, A+, Angekört (2019-2020), AD, V(NBS)

 Sire: Zoltan Von Ronneburg: VA(SA),  AD, BH ,

 Dam: Havana Von Tharanheim: V(NBS), AD

 (Herr D Gabriel)

 Medium sized, medium strong, substantial, dry, feminine female. Very good head and expression, eyes should be slightly darker. High wither with a straight,   firm back.

 The croup is well laid but slightly short. Good forehand and very good hind angulation. Balanced chest proportions. Correct in front. Correct going and   coming.


 http://www.pedigreed atabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2516116-payton-von-tharanheim